Pastor Ryan Edwardson.



At the time of this writing it has been a little over a week since the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The latest mass shooting has dominated the content on most news outlets. The tragedy has sparked another round of debates covering topics included but not limited to: gun regulation, mental health, and public safety. We hear the debates at a national level on the news and in Congress. Some of us read and participate in the debates on our friends’ facebook pages. Others of us share our thoughts and feelings in conversations with friends, neighbors, and family members. Though we are addressing the violence in Florida in a broad variety of ways, concerns of gun violence and how to prevent future tragedies has occupied at least some space in our minds during these first days of Lent. I know so in part because it has occupied space in my own mind and also because it is a topic that has repeatedly come up in conversation and prayer with you, the congregation.

You are likely asking the same question I have been wondering: What can we do? First, we can keep doing what we have been doing, which is a lot of talking and and a lot of praying. Talking with our friends and family helps all of us process what is happening and what steps we can take. Be gracious with one another in these conversations, and keep the dialogues going. News providers have presented two major narratives of the recent gun violence. One narrative is that this is a gun control issue. The other narrative is that this is a mental health issue. On one hand I’ve heard people say, “we don’t have a gun problem, we have gun problems.” On the other end people are saying, “we don’t have a gun problem, we have people problems.” My personal belief is that this is a “yes and” sort of problem. Yes, heart and mind problems have contributed to recent gun violence. And yes, allowing people with deep heart and mind troubles to have access to dangerous weapons has also contributed to gun violence. We’re dealing with a complex multi-faceted issue that does not have a simple solution. As your pastor, I am willing to continue in conversation and prayer. I am always available to listen. I am always available to pray.

In Christ,
Pastor Ryan

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