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Governor's latest restrictions 7/29/20

With the governor’s latest restrictions placed on July 29th, it has been questioned whether we would have “in-person” services this Sunday.
Since we have not received orders from the Bishop not to hold services, we are small in numbers anyway, and we have lots of room to spread out,
we will plan to continue to hold “in-person” services at this time.  We will also continue to “live stream” the services on Facebook for those who aren’t comfortable attending in person.
August 2
nd is also Communion Sunday.  To continue with providing as much safety as possible, Communion will be conducted a little differently.  When you pick up your bulletin from the table in the Narthex, there will also be a small bag with the communion elements (bread and grape) for you to pick up to be consumed at communion time.
If you have any questions, you may call Pastor Ryan or Lu.
Thank you.